Top 10 Clues That you Need a Pet Sitter

You May Need a Sitter IF:

10. Packing to board your pet takes as much time as it takes to pack your own suitcases.

9. Your cat heads for the hills when you get your suitcase out.

8. Your dog dislocates your shoulder trying to beat a hasty retreat and/or leaves gouges in the linoleum as soon as you walk through the kennel door.

7. Your dog is home alone all day and the neighbors are not impressed with his/her musical talents.

6. You come home from work ready to unwind, but your pet is wound up like an eight day clock.

5. Your pet comes home from boarding and suddenly decides that your house is one big toilet.

4. Your pet becomes a poster child for valium and/or Pepto-Bismol before, during and/or after a trip to the kennel.

3. Your pet leaves you some unwanted and unsavory gifts on the carpet while you are at work because he/she had to "GO RIGHT NOW" and gave up trying how to figure out how the door works.

2. You cry and feel horrible guilt every time you drop your pet off for boarding

And the #1 Clue That You May Need A Pet Sitter:

Because your pet is a part of your family, you love them and they deserve the VERY BEST!